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“You can’t be loved until you love yourself” – Is This True?



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You’ve heard it said…

“You can’t be truly loved until you love yourself”.

And, if you’re anything like me, hearing that sh*t STUNG.

But… before you log off and exit out of this page…

Let me tell you about the fallacy in this truth. 

Self love… it’s not a college degree babe. 

It’s not something you decide, or where something changes within you, and now you suddenly love yourself and can let love in.

Self love is the recognition, moment by moment, that you ARE love. That your natural state is love. 

Self love is a moment to moment basis thing – Self love is easier in some areas for you than it is for others.

And that’s okay.

Self love, and being in a state of love, is the constant remembrance that you are enough, even alone. Even as you are. Even with your perfect imperfections.

Self love is something you always have to remember….

And it’s something we sometimes forget.

I’ve manifested the perfect life partner, lover, man into my life.

I love him so much and I know that our relationship is something so powerful that I’ve manifested into my life partially because I was able to get into a place where I believe that I’m good enough, and have enough love inside of me to pour into him and into others.

But I’m not going to lie to you…

I still forget that I’m enough sometimes.

I still forget that I’m perfect the way I am.

And although it happens not often at all…

It still happens.

And I can’t deny that, and sit here preaching about “self love is the answer to manifesting the boyfriend/girlfriend you desire”. 

Self-love is part of it, yes. And self-love is SO important.

But babe… if you aren’t completely there yet…

Know that it is okay.

Know that you are still worthy of receiving love, even if you’re having a hard time giving love to yourself.

Know that you are loved by Source.

Know that you are loved by me. 

Know that you ARE love, even if it’s hard to believe it right now.

I have no doubt in my mind – You will manifest the perfect life partner for you.

You will learn to love yourself daily.

You will learn to accept love graciously, and to have enough love to give to others.

I hope you’ve found peace in this article; because I wish someone had sat me down and explained all of this to me 6 years ago, so that I wasn’t so hard on myself.

Anna Pepe is Editor and Creator of Manifest Easy. After learning how to properly manifest the life of her dreams, and communicate with the Universe in a productive way, Anna now has a passion for helping others to do the same. Anna is a channel, and often channels lessons from her guides regarding love, romantic and platonic relationships, abundance, money, and more. Not only does she have a passion for helping others manifest the life they desire, she also has a passion for helping people recognize that they have incredible power within them, that often lies dormant. She loves to share other people’s stories, as well as her own stories and lessons from her guides, to help as many people as possible and share as many perspectives as possible with her brand. If you have a story you’d love to share, please go to the Contact Us page, or email Anna at [email protected]

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Divine Feminine Lo Tells Us About Her Kundalini Awakening



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In her first interview with Manifest Easy, the powerful and magnificent Lo tells us about her personal kundalini awakening, how she’s fully embrace the divine feminine and masculine energies in balance, and her love for creation and Gaia.

Lo’s Age: 26

Her Current location: ‘Currently thriving in beautiful South Africa, home of the Lion.’

About Lo’s Profession: Lo is a qualified Commerce Specialist who discovered her passion for nature and humanity. After a few years of working in corporate industries, Lo experienced a major spiritual awakening and transformed her life, starting with her profession. Getting in touch with nature and her identity led Lo to becoming an Eco-Feminist – best defined as a combination between nature activism and humanitarianism.

Instagram Username: @the_lioness_lo

What makes you feel most connected to your femininity?

“There is nothing that empowers my feminine energy more than Gaia herself.

Nature’s divine energy amplifies our frequencies in such a pure yet powerful way.”

What outfit do you feel most sexy in?

“Oh, this is such a great question. My definition of “sexy” is anything that excites, tantalizes, or stimulates my sensual energy. I never thought of this until now, and truly, I feel most sexy with nothing on. What is sexier than the naked body – the actual source of sensuality.

Just to walk around the house commando, sunbathing on a beach with my body completely exposed to the heat of the sun, taking a swim and feeling the water caress every inch of my skin…nothing feels more sexy than that.”

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Has anyone ever judged you for showing your more feminine, emotional side? How did you deal with that?

“Fortunately, I have been questioned for my expression of vulnerability and femininity. Going through a healing – and growth – process spiritually has changed me in so many beautiful ways.

Changing my way of being brought many questions to the people closest to me. Most people are taught to suppress any vulnerability, which means that the expression thereof can be unfamiliar to many.

Understanding the human aspect behind any judgement makes it easy to overcome.

People only question what they do not know or understand. Another’s lack of knowledge has nothing to do with who I am. It merely reflects an uncertainty or feeling of vulnerability within them – this too needs to be acknowledged.

When feeling judged, I like to reflect inward, to give myself thoughts of love, healing, and try to find the root of the trigger inside myself. We should always remember that emotional triggers are not caused by external factors but rather internal wounds.

Heal these wounds and you can very easily deal with judgement in love and compassion. As Stephen R. Covey beautifully said; “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

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At what point in your life did you start to really step into your femininity and the divinity that comes with that?

“A few years ago, I experienced great inner conflict after ending a long term relationship with a lover. Within about a month, my life changed from constantly being surrounded by people – living with my partner, friends, going out and getting superficial highs – to isolating myself from the world completely.

This was extremely unhealthy in many ways. One day I decided to start dating again and met a guy who was quite in touch with his inner masculine and feminine energy. It was the first time in my life that I felt a presence so pure.

After our meeting, something inside me was awakened. Like a powerful pull towards something greater.

To physically describe the feeling; every cell of my body was vibrating – first subtle and after a few weeks it got more intense. Without any effort, whatsoever.

The feeling was extremely unfamiliar to me. I was completely caught off guard and decided to research what I was experiencing. The best answer I found was a Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini is the ultimate life force. Creative power, divine feminine energy. Put simply, it is our “inner fire”.

So simple, and yet so abstract. Once activated, this energy is felt like liquid fire: electric, timeless, paralyzing. Apparently, this activation can occur voluntary or involuntary – insert eye roll emoji here. I find it quite humorous that people imagine a Kundalini awakening to be a smooth, gradual experience…

Nope! It is one energetic leap to the next. With this discovery I started reaching out to people through social media and got connected to people who have/were at the time going through the same process of awakening.

I learned so much from the powerful people on social media who share their experiences. I found SO MUCH value in the experiences and teachings of spiritual leaders such a Sally Mustang, Claire Michelle, Victoria L. White, Shalom Melchizedeck – to name a few!

This was when I started to embrace my divine femininity as well as masculinity. Like-minded people started reaching out to me from all over the world and soon I was connected to the most beautiful soul family. And so my divine journey truly began.”

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What’s your favorite self-care ritual?

“Dancing, meditating, and self-massage are the top 3, however, meditating will always be extremely essential for me. Meditation transforms our inner and outer reality.

Seeing that it offers many physical and mental health benefits, meditating is a powerful and pure act of self-love. It gives me the space to improve and balance my perspective of myself and the world around me. Indirectly, this is an act of love to other as well; In meditating I learn to see other with more love and compassion, which makes my life so much more beautiful!”

 What do you love most about being a woman?

“I LOVE my female body – our breasts, our natural curves, the soft touch only a woman can offer. Our reproductive anatomy lets us experience pleasure so intensely on many levels, simply due to our physiology.

Biologically, we long to nurture, we long for community, we long to express ourselves – and this gives the world so much colour. Our bodies ARE the essence of Mother Earth. Our bodies are so magical!”

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What inspires your creativity most?

“Most of my creative projects are based around nature. I guess you can say that in many ways nature is my muse. Being in nature provokes a sense of freedom – freedom of expression. My thoughts and feelings flow so freely when submerged in nature.”

How do you express your creative side?

“I have many forms of expressing my creativity. To me, creativity is a way of life. It is simply how we embrace each ordinary moment; it is the flow of inspiration, the connection to one-self, the connection to nature…

I embrace moments mainly through art (painting, drawing, photography), music, and dancing.”

Women are intuitive beings by nature. What’s one instance where you’ve felt called to really tap into your intuition and listen to that voice inside of you?

“Since childhood, I would always love being around animals. I felt like I understood them. Like it was easy for me to know what they were feeling or what they needed. When I first discovered my connectedness to the universe, I came to learn that my intuition was extremely accurate. I would get a sense of knowing what a loved one was going through without communication. This led to discovering my empathic abilities.

About a year ago I started tapping into my empathic abilities by letting my intuition guide me on a regular basis, which resulted in many profound occurrences.”

Women have an intrinsic trait where we tend to avoid confrontation, and handle issues passively. Because of this, we can often manipulate the situation and get our way without fighting. What’s one time that you’ve seen this trait show through you?

“Growing up, many of us are taught to keep quiet and to just be “peacekeepers”. I was raised the same way. It was perceived as “noble” to retrieve in most situations. To keep our opinions to ourselves, to be the “lesser”. We grew up suppressing our truth, our authenticity, our power.

To add on to these mannerisms, studies have shown that women (more often than men) avoid conflict but have a low tolerance to disagreement. Which makes avoidance even more emotionally exhausting.

Instead of passively dealing with this issue, I became extremely cold and unemotional, not caring about any outcome at all. I manipulated myself rather than others. I forced myself to believe that my authenticity was not of worth to the world. I lost my voice completely. A wound that I am still healing daily.”

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When did you really start to feel confident in yourself? Was there a specific moment or event that caused you to embrace yourself with love and step into confidence?

“Through discovering the power of the present moment, I started to push my boundaries. As my consciousness grew, I started to value each moment more. I pushed myself to be fully alive, whatever that meant in the moment.

I started to share my voice with the world – mainly through social media. It was in this simple shift of mindset that I started to feel more connected to myself and the world. Slowly, but surely, I started to see the importance of my authenticity in the greater scheme of life.

The more I allowed myself to be genuine, magical shifts started to take place in my life. My authenticity became my power, my confidence. Bit by bit, I saw that my authenticity carries a power much greater than my own benefit; Being authentic allowed others the space to do the same!”

Was there a time you ever doubted yourself? And how did you overcome your doubt?

“Many times. I often doubt the unknown. So, whenever I step into unknown territory, I doubt myself, whether it is a career change, travelling to a new country, moving into a new home. Doubt is simply a lack in confidence. When feeling a sense of lack, introspection needs to be done.

Giving oneself the space and freedom to make mistakes is an act of self-love. If I cannot give myself the freedom to make mistakes, then I am acting from fear.

Our external reality is a reflection of our inner world. We are only ever experiencing whatever is within us. When we are fearful, it points to a place within us asking to be loved. There is a magnificent importance in allowing oneself to make mistakes. Being able to do this sets you free from expectations! This is where meditation is medicine.”

As women, we are too often told we need to change the way we look, and the media and beauty industries can pick on our insecurities. How do you like to honor your body and remind yourself how beautiful and perfect you are? 

“People find comfort in labels. For most of my life (since the age of 10 to be exact) I partook in beauty pageants. From an incredibly young age I was taught to look, talk, walk, act a certain way – I was the perfect show pony. However, I felt little to no self love.

What was nearly perfect to others was not what I wanted to be. I remember looking at a wild lioness and wishing that I could be as unapologetic, wild, free of expectation, limitless… until I became just that. The difference between freedom and constraint is choice. I continually choose to be free. I free myself and others from expectation.

I do not conform to any labels. I allow change to come freely and effortlessly. To me, this is how I honour myself and my authenticity while creating space for other too. By removing myself from the race, I leave no space for competition, no space for comparison.

When I look at my body, I don’t see perfect or imperfect – I see divine. There are no limits to the term. When I feel divine love on the inside, I see divinity on the outside too. I try to stay away from certain media outlets and choose to submerge myself in soulful activities – being in nature keeps me focussed on divine things. Where focus goes, energy flows. “What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create” – Buddha.”

What advice would you give to a young girl who isn’t confident in her body and femininity yet?

“All women and men need to be taught from a young age that there is no such thing as perfection. If we can remove the power of “perfection” we can eliminate the power of “imperfection”. I will tell any young individual that you cannot be imperfect, even if you tried.

You cannot fail at life, even if you tried. Just like the majestic lioness cannot fail at being a lion – even if she tried, nothing could change the fact that she IS a lion.

Remove expectations from yourself and other! When we stop judging or limiting others, it becomes much easier to free ourselves from judgement too. Allow yourself to just be. Embrace the moment. If you feel like dancing, dance your heart out. If you feel like laying in the sun naked, grab your sunblock and get those cheeks peachy. If you feel like singing, rawr away!”

Women are naturally highly sensitive beings, and we deeply feel our emotions. How do you honor your emotions and give yourself space to feel?

“Being sensitive is a superpower. Sensitivity becomes a strength when utilised correctly. Just like Peter Parker said, “With great power there must also come great responsibility”. I honour my emotions through mastering my sensitivity. This way I know how to transmute or alchemize negative energy and embrace positive energy. I use my sensitivity as a guide when healing my inner wounds. This helps me to grow heaps.

I can also be sensitive to other’s emotions, so it is extremely important to differentiate between my own energy and that of people around me. When experiencing uncomfortable emotions, I like to embrace them through a mirror exercise; meditating on my emotions and seeing them as separate from my being.

Analysing them as if they were not mine. When experiencing emotions that feel good, I like to become more aware of my senses. What does this moment taste like? What do I feel on my skin? What smell is in the air? I also focus on the gratitude I feel in that moment. This elevates the energy even more.”

As women, and divine feminine beings, we’re given the precious ability to create life. In our society, we’re told we need to be mothers and raise a family. While having the incredible ability to create life and give birth, not every woman decides to become a mom, and that’s okay. What are your thoughts on this topic? How do you feel about being able to create the most precious thing on earth – life itself?

“Every individual is simply divine. Women are free to choose whether to birth a child or not. There could be many different reasons as to why a woman would not want to conceive a child, and I acknowledge that in love.

Giving birth to a child is a magnificent capability, but not the only; Our bodies can birth MANY Divine things; limitless creativity, powerful healing energy, pure nurturing… When in alignment with our feminine energy, like the moon, we have a mighty gravitational force that greatly influences the world around us.

The womb is not just created to conceive babies (and I am not belittling this powerful capability). The womb is also considered a sacred spiritual centre, a source of intuition, emotional well-being, and physical vitality. The Womb is one of the energy centres us women have. When we connect to our womb, we can create and live in this world in better alignment.

I am talking about the womb as a spiritual energy centre that exists whether you have a womb or not, whether your womb is fertile or not. The feminine is creative and adaptive. She flows and changes. Like water. All in a modern world that is about certainties, she is ever present and always moving. There are no ideals or boxes you must fit into to connect with the Divine Feminine. She is limitless!”

The divine feminine energy within you is inherently strongly connected to nature – Mother Earth. What is your favorite way to spend time in nature and honor Mother Earth?

“Any time spent in nature is just magical! I adore Mother Earth just as much as she adores us. Meditation in raw nature is my definition of ecstasy. With wildly messy hair, no makeup, barefoot goodness and a heart full of gratitude and love I just get lost in her… It doesn’t get better than that!”

As women, we are the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy, but we also have Divine Masculine energy within us. Do you often feel like you have more feminine energy than masculine, or vice versa? How does the energy that you think is most dominant within you often express itself through you? 

“Generally, I have more feminine energy than masculine energy. I just LOVE to nurture, to show love, to express, to create…I basically let my heart lead the way.

There are however times when I step into my masculinity more. Just as the tides of the ocean fluctuate, it is completely natural for every being to adapt to life too.”

Follow Lo’s journey on Instagram: @the_lioness_lo

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Abundance + Money

How Do I Figure Out What the Right Action is for Me to Take?



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If you’ve read my post on “Does Manifestation Require Taking Action?” you know already that sometimes, (not all the time) manifesting what we want into the physical realm requires action.

So now you’re left with the question, “What action is right for me to take so that I can manifest what I want, quickly and easily?”

First off, if you’re not asking this question, you totally should.

The Universe doesn’t want things to be hard,

The Universe doesn’t give us anything for the sake of us “going through it”

The Universe doesn’t do anything that isn’t out of unconditional love.

If you want easy, 

The Universe wants that for you too.

So now, back to the question of “What action is right for me to take so that I can manifest what I want, quickly and easily?”

The Universe already has everything ready for you to achieve what you want.

Chances are, you’ve already gotten some hints, or nudges in that direction..

Or if you’re anything like the past me (read the About Us section for more information on this) and you have ignored the nudges and the hints the Universe has given you…

The Universe and your guides of unconditional love may be literally screaming and shouting at you and causing mayhem in other ways to get you back on track.

Your only job is to follow the signals and signs you receive, and go in that direction.

Don’t worry about how you’ll get to your desired destination,

Don’t worry about when you’ll get to your desired destination,

Just follow the hints, follow the signs, and you will get there. 

The hints and the signs are the Universe telling you exactly what action to take.

You could receive a hint through an Instagram post..

You could receive a hint through an ad on the internet…

You could receive a hint through numbers you see…

The information is there – 

It’s your job to take the hint, decode the message, and step up to the plate to take action on what it is the Universe is showing you.

Everything you see that feels right, is a message for you. 

Knowing how to decode your body’s signals and the outward signals from the Universe is one of the most important parts to manifesting what you actually want in life.

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Abundance + Money

How to Speed Up Your Manifestations



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Have you ever wanted something to happen soooo badly and manifest more quickly in your life? 

We’ve all been there. You keep visualizing over and over working at your dream job, driving the car you want, waking up next to your soul mate…

But nothing happens. 

You’ve visualized it dozens of times…

You’ve felt the emotions of having and experiencing what you want…

But it hasn’t yet come into the physical. 

Here’s 3 tips to speed up your manifestation coming to you!

1. Write an appreciation list. List down everything in this moment you appreciate. It can be anything… the heat in your house, your dog, the sun shining outside, the little girl that smiled at you at the store, the comfy chair your sitting in, the drink you have next to you, the delicious food you ate earlier, the smell of your favorite lotion, your talents, your phone, your working electricity… 

Anything that you truly appreciate at the moment, write it down. Let yourself become overwhelmed with appreciation for the present and for what you have. Appreciating what you already have and listing off what you want in your life that you already have or experience, puts you in the state of receiving, where you’re energetically allowing yourself to receive more of what you want from the universe. 

2. Put action behind it. The universe LOVES when we act on ideas we’re given and when we put active energy behind what we want. The law of action – one of the 12 universal laws – also states that if you want something physical, you must do something physical.. You must do the things and perform the actions necessary to achieve what you want. Belief alone, is not enough to manifest what we truly desire, just as action alone is not enough to manifest what we truly desire. Our dreams are accomplished when belief and action are combined. 

3.Forget about it for a sec!!  A lot of times when we’re thinking of what we want over and over and over and over… we add unnecessary resistance on our path to reaching our goals. Decide what you want, visualize it, then let it go. You don’t have to always be thinking about it – and it’s usually best if you aren’t thinking about it! Trust that when you do your part (visualizing, putting action behind it, getting into a state of appreciation) the universe will do it’s part and bring what you want to you. There’s no need to worry about how or when your dreams will manifest!

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