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Freelance Model and Influencer Alyssa Shares Her Passion for Nature and Living Sustainably



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Cover Photo Credit: Audra Hopkins @ah.photowork on Instagram

In her first interview with Manifest Easy, Alyssa tells us about how she’s manifested her modeling career, her passion for nature, and how her entire life changed for the better when she left her hometown.

Alyssa’s Age: 22

Her Current location: United States

Alyssa’s Profession: Freelance model, Influencer, Merchandiser

Instagram Username: @its_lyssloves

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

 “I left my home town to live [with] and marry my best friend and high school sweetheart.”

What is your favorite part about being a woman?

“I love everything about being a woman, whether its my natural curves, my lovely emotions, or the fact that I can create a new life with my body.”

Who is your favorite role model?

“My favorite role model is my mother; she is independent, strong, and loving.”

What is your dream in life?

“My dream in life is to live in many places, experience every culture, and have a ton of like-minded friends.”

When you’re feeling down, what do you like to do to bring yourself back into good spirits?

“When I’m feeling down I normally go into nature and listen to the natural sounds,  do yoga, or something active.”

What makes your soul light up?

“My passion is nature, I adore all things that are living whether it’s plants, animals, or humans.”

What is your favorite outfit to wear at the moment?

“I like to be comfortable so its either sweatpants, or a bra and lounge-like shorts.”

What is your “happy place”?

“The beach or the forest.”

What’s most important to you?

“The planet’s health, living sustainably and eco friendly.”

What’s the funniest moment you’ve ever experienced?

“Sitting in a car and joking and chatting with my close friends about something stupid!”

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve manifested into your life so far?

“Making my modeling career come to life.”

If you had the chance to talk to your younger self, what would you tell them?

“Work harder at the things you enjoy, don’t waste your time trying to please others.”

What’s something that you love about yourself?

“I love my natural beauty, like my full head of hair and my eyes.”

What’s your favorite meal? Gimme allll the juicy details!!! 

“My favorite meal is a vegan buddha bowl filled with quinoa, lentils, sweet potatoes, kale, hemp hearts, carrots, tofu with a spicy peanut dressing.”

Do you meditate?

“I am still learning and growing with meditation; I frequently try to meditate while practicing yoga and in nature. It makes my body feel light and awake, especially focusing on my breath and keeping my mind blank.”

What is something you’re really proud of accomplishing? 

“I was able to reconfigure my entire life when I stopped living with my parents.

I decided to stop harming animals for my own pleasure and starting taking care of my body properly by going vegan and living more of minimalist lifestyle.”

What do you want to be remembered as?

“I want to be remembered as a loyal friend, a passionate lover, and someone who cares too much about the health and wellbeing of this planet.”

Follow Alyssa’s journey on Instagram: @its_lyssloves

Anna Pepe is Editor and Creator of Manifest Easy. After learning how to properly manifest the life of her dreams, and communicate with the Universe in a productive way, Anna now has a passion for helping others to do the same. Anna is a channel, and often channels lessons from her guides regarding love, romantic and platonic relationships, abundance, money, and more. Not only does she have a passion for helping others manifest the life they desire, she also has a passion for helping people recognize that they have incredible power within them, that often lies dormant. She loves to share other people’s stories, as well as her own stories and lessons from her guides, to help as many people as possible and share as many perspectives as possible with her brand. If you have a story you’d love to share, please go to the Contact Us page, or email Anna at [email protected]

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The Incredibly Wise Divine Derricka Gives Us a Great Perspective on Judgement and Positive Self-Talk



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In her first interview with Manifest Easy, the very wise and beautiful soul that is Divine Derricka shares with us a great perspective on judgement, and gives powerful examples of using positive self-talk to form a strong relationship with yourself based in unconditional love.

Divine Derricka’s Age: 23

Her Current location: California, United States

About Divine Derricka’s Profession: Derricka is an Empowerment leader and intuitive energy healer and channel. She works with people to help them reframe their mindsets + alchemize their inner worlds, remember their divinity, and their power to heal themselves + transform their lives. She is also an Artist and uses her art to activate, and uplift people’s energies. 

Instagram Username: @Divine_derricka

What makes you feel most connected to your femininity?

“Dressing up, and doing my makeup really helps me tap into that feminine side.”

What outfit do you feel most sexy in?

“A bralette, some flowing goddess pants, a kimono, my snake necklace, snake sandals, my lion rings, and gold bracelet, and my chandelier earrings. Also can’t forget a full face of makeup!”

Has anyone ever judged you for showing your more feminine, emotional side? How did you deal with that?

“Yes, I’ve had a couple of people. At first it hurt my feelings, but after doing some healing I realized it was because I myself used to judge this part of myself. Once I healed that relationship, I stopped attracting people that judged me for that.”

At what point in your life did you start to really step into your femininity and the divinity that comes with that?

“Actually at this point right now. I feel more connected to this aspect of myself than I ever have before.”

What’s your favorite self-care ritual?

“Definitely giving love to my physical body. Whether that’s through self pleasure, rubbing myself down with oils, doing my nails and hair, and taking reiki infused baths.”

View this post on Instagram

The sacred elixirs flow from me, and I drink from this source. It provides me with vitality, with nourishment, it grants me access to infinite creation energy and unlimited potential. From this nourishment I can bring forth life, alchemize lead into gold, transform and transmute, I can create and make all the love I wish to! Life to me is a lover wanting to give, and it basks in joy when you moan out in gratitude, and when you say “yes, more!” Life has infinite ways to love you, and wants to love you. It is you loving yourself, so how do you wish to be loved? Life kept whispering to me all the things it wanted to bless me with and asking me “what makes you feel good?” This voice was a temptress her fragrance was erotically magnetizing, yet when I realized this temptress was me, I gave in. She was not a threat, but she was liberation. I let her seduce me, I let her open up my eyes, I received her, and she lit up my senses and reminded me of my worth. She reminded me how orgasmic life can be. How wonderful this connection exists in harmonious union, how she pours into me as I pour into her. 💦🔥 #goddess #shakti #divinesensuality #earthenergy #nectarforthegods #lifeforceenergy #tantra #selflove #selfworship

A post shared by 🧿 Divine Derricka 🧿 (@divine_derricka) on

 What do you love most about being a woman?

“Ahh so many things! Being a woman is amazing. But I’d say how intuitive we are, and that we are powerfully connected to the realms of the unseen, and magick.”

What inspires your creativity most?

“Being outside in nature always sparks my creative fire.”

How do you express your creative side?

“Through doing my makeup and taking pictures, writing poetry, drawing, and cooking.”

Women are intuitive beings by nature. What’s one instance where you’ve felt called to really tap into your intuition and listen to that voice inside of you?

“When I was ending a karmic relationship. I had to really ask myself from a deeper place, “is this healthy for me?” And it led me to letting go of something that wasn’t serving me anymore.”

Women have an intrinsic trait where we tend to avoid confrontation, and handle issues passively. Because of this, we can often manipulate the situation and get our way without fighting. What’s one time that you’ve seen this trait show through you?

“It was with my sister. We’d sometimes bump heads about how [to do] certain things. But instead of me fighting about it, I’d suggest going to get some food and that I’d pay for gas. I knew what to say, and how she’d react to avoid it turning into a bigger problem.”

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I’ve been in this space of radical self acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. Last week I did a guided meditation to heal my womb, and it truly shook up my world. Up came all the self hatred I felt towards myself, the trauma I’ve experienced, that the women in my family have experienced, our ancestors, and the pain that has taken place to gaia and her children throughout history. I trembled, tears pouring down seeming not to end, my womb contracting from all the pain, but through my breathing I allowed it all to leave. My guides surrounded me, ancient womb healers placed their hands on my stomach and spoke blessings over it, over me. There in that space my womb came alive, the woman within me now rising up in deep remembrance of her power. I’ve been still integrating all of this. But over this past weekend with the full moon energy, I felt myself coming alive even more. I felt my desires fully for the first time and spoke on them, and said yes to them. I looked at myself with pure love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Forgiving the times where I didn’t appreciate myself, forgiveness for not knowing what I do now, forgiveness for putting myself through certain things, forgiveness for denying myself the love I deserve, forgiveness for speaking negatively about myself and this body. This body is sacred. My womb is sacred and wise, and it’s time I fully accept that. I accept the stretch marks, The scars, The plumpness of my figure. All of me deserves love. And so I vow to commit to loving myself, everyday, in all forms. #selflove #wombhealing #gaia #motherearth #ancient #nurture #goddess #meditation

A post shared by 🧿 Divine Derricka 🧿 (@divine_derricka) on

When did you really start to feel confident in yourself? Was there a specific moment or event that caused you to embrace yourself with love and step into confidence?

“It was another romantic situation. I had fallen for someone that didn’t feel the same way, and he mentioned some traits about myself that I needed to look at.

That moment sparked me to look deeper at not only my shadow, but my light. I started to embrace what was within, what I had to offer to the world.

It made me realize I don’t have to chase anyone or anything, but simply be as I am. And that She is enough. Once I did that I started to feel better about myself, and it was genuine confidence that emerged.”

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Dear me, I fucking love you. I love your beautiful expression of the Divine. I love your soft supple skin, and the way the sun shines upon you like a radiant diamond. Your magnetism makes it so nothing can resist your pull. Your eyes are deep like the roots that run through this earth, they say “tell me the truth and don’t hold back” Your soft lips that speak words of love and praise. How powerful you are when you command presence just from your very energy. People can’t help but to sit up and LISTEN. You are a queen, the powerful embodiment of the feminine ways and keeper of ancient wisdom. You are so unique and complex, a mystery that I still have yet to figure out, I simply am grateful to witness your magnificence. You defy all logic and there truly is no one way to describe you. You are a continuous expanding ever changing piece of art. The Divine knew what it was doing for the world when you were created. I love you and will continue to explore your depths and unknown places with joy, curiosity, respect, and acceptance. – Derricka #selflove #goddess #queen #beauty #grace #divinederricka

A post shared by 🧿 Divine Derricka 🧿 (@divine_derricka) on

Was there a time you ever doubted yourself? And how did you overcome your doubt?

“Oh yes, many times actually. One was when I started to really express my gifts to the world. I doubted if I was all that I felt I was. I doubted if I’d actually make a difference in people’s lives.

But the way I overcame it was when I went into the part of myself that was doubtful, I spoke to her and we had a honest conversation. I reminded her that we have what it takes, and that we were born with these specific gifts for a reason.

It took time but the doubt started to ease up. But in my moments of doubt, prayer also is my go to.”

As women, we are too often told we need to change the way we look, and the media and beauty industries can pick on our insecurities. How do you like to honor your body and remind yourself how beautiful and perfect you are? 

“I write love letters to myself. I also sit in front of the mirror naked and speak out loud how beautiful I am. I speak to every part that I ever felt self conscious about, and I shower it with love. I also thank my body for all the work it does. Gratitude has shifted my self worth in major ways.”

What advice would you give to a young girl who isn’t confident in her body and femininity yet?

“Don’t ever compare yourself to another for you are absolutely perfect as you are. No one else in the world could do what you are meant to, or be you. Your uniqueness is what makes you special.

The Divine made you exactly the way you were meant to be for a reason. Within you is an infinite source of beauty, wisdom, love power, and potential. You carry the codes of the women that have gone before you, and they are guiding you every step of the way.

You are never alone in what you feel. You are valid, you are worthy of all of your hearts dreams and desires. You don’t ever have to chase love, or validation because your worth was already set before you came into physical form. You could never be without love because it’s what you are.

Honor what it means to be a woman, and celebrate yourself throughout all moments because you deserve to be celebrated. Remember you are loved unconditionally forever, and always.”

Women are naturally highly sensitive beings, and we deeply feel our emotions. How do you honor your emotions and give yourself space to feel?

“I make sure that I always have a private space I can go to and be alone with the divine, and myself. In that space I’ll write about my feelings, I’ll cry and release, I’ll scream, dance, I do whatever is needed to let the emotions move through me.  I also remind myself that it’s okay to feel what I feel.” 

As women, and divine feminine beings, we’re given the precious ability to create life. In our society, we’re told we need to be mothers and raise a family. While having the incredible ability to create life and give birth, not every woman decides to become a mom, and that’s okay. What are your thoughts on this topic? How do you feel about being able to create the most precious thing on earth – life itself?

“I feel every woman regardless if they choose to be a mother or not, have the divine mother codes within them. It’s not just birthing a physical child, but maybe a creative project, or something you’re manifesting.

We have this powerful ability to breathe life into anything around us. That could be our love life, ourselves, our friendships, our career. All of that is tied to our feminine ability to create life, and nurture life.

I do feel that we should be more respectful to women who consciously choose not to be mothers. It doesn’t make them any less of a woman.

But for me, I do know I want to and will be a mother to physical children. I think it’s so beautiful that women have this ability to bring spirit into human form. It’s powerful to witness what women go through, and their ability to literally carry life within them.

How they were designed with everything they needed to make this happen. When I think about what I’m capable of as a woman in birthing life, it’s a power I can’t fully describe into words. It’s an ancient remembrance for sure.”

The divine feminine energy within you is inherently strongly connected to nature – Mother Earth. What is your favorite way to spend time in nature and honor Mother Earth?

“I love just being present in nature. Putting my feet on the grass, feeling the pulse of Mother Earth beneath my feet, listening to the birds, feeling the wind, the sun. Experiencing her with all my senses. I love to speak with the spirits of the earth, sing to them, dance with them, and just sit with them having conversations. I also love to leave offerings for Mother Earth. I’ll leave her flowers, or I’ll send her reiki.”

As women, we are the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy, but we also have Divine Masculine energy within us. Do you often feel like you have more feminine energy than masculine, or vice versa? How does the energy that you think is most dominant within you often express itself through you? 

“I used to definitely be more in masculine side, but now I feel my feminine is much more dominant. It shows up in my ability to communicate easily with The Divine, and be a channel and vessels for it to express itself through me. Also my ability to be unconditionally loving to everyone.”

Follow Divine Derricka’s journey on Instagram: @Divine_derricka

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An Exclusive Look Inside the Mind of AIRPORTS



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In his first interview with Manifest Easy, music artist AIRPORTS (aka Aaron Lee) gives us an exclusive look inside his mind, talks about his experiences growing up, and tells us how he’s manifested many things like financial freedom… Aaron also shares his practical technique that you can apply today to manifest anything.

Aaron Lee is a full time music artist and business owner native to Australia. He currently resides near Sydney, and is quickly gaining popularity worldwide from his music. Make sure you follow him on Instagram so you never miss out on new music (and you can stalk his page for all the awesome records he’s already dropped)! @airportsmusic

Aaron, what inspired you to become a music artist and producer?

“My dad is a musician, so I grew up around it. The first time I got to sing on stage was when I was 4 – I just got addicted to it! Being a Leo, I loved the attention haha.”

When you first decided to go full time as an artist and producer, did you have any fears or doubts? How did you overcome them?

I knew during my schooling years it was what I was going to do with my life, so against popular opinion I focused all my time into learning to write and produce music instead of studying.

Although I’m a pop singer now, I went straight into the DJ scene right after high school and started touring clubs. It was always scary because like most dream careers, it doesn’t come with an immediate financial return.

I learned a lot of hard lessons and was broke for many years.. but because of that I now have my own music business and get to work on my own artist project (AIRPORTS) – things are really good! Most importantly, I’m happy.

What is your biggest goal with your career?

“Innovate Music, Influence popular culture & save lives. I have “Innovate Influence Save” tattooed on my arm. Ultimate manifestation!!”

Photo by Trystin Sinnott @trystinsinnott and Emma Corrigan @emma.corrigan

Who inspires you to dream bigger and go beyond what others around you may think is possible?

“At the moment it’s Gary Vee, a must listen for anyone with ambition…. Many various artists and trend setters in pop culture – Kanye has been one of them long term… And my late mother, because she would never settle until she had her way! Haha.”

Your most recent music video project, called ‘U FEEL IT 2’ – which I had the honor of being in, thank you very much!! – was very inspiring in itself and connected people from all over the world with their common thoughts, feelings, and even fears. What inspired you to write this song and create such a meaningful and heartfelt video project for it?

“Thank you for being in it for real! I loved your answers so much! The song was written as a duality – it can be interpreted as a love song or a song about a relationship with a vice.

I wanted the video to reflect this but also during global isolation, I wanted it to show that we are all dealing with the same passions and fears and are still connected in knowing that.”

Click Here to watch the U FEEL IT 2 music video

Photo by Trystin Sinnott @trystinsinnott and Emma Corrigan @emma.corrigan

What makes you feel most powerful?

“Having a voice, having empathy, self awareness.. but most of all having loved ones around me that understand me.”

When you feel overwhelmed with creating, how do you snap yourself out of it and change your state of being?

“I have to take mental breaks, reconnect with loved ones, have deep conversations too. I should reconnect with the earth (outdoors) more, but need to work on that.”

If you were to pinpoint one trait or thing about yourself and amplify x1000 it to be your superhuman power, what would it be and why? 

“Self-Awareness. I believe if everyone was more self aware, it would breed more empathy, that would change the world and better humanity.”

Photo by Nathan Sinnott @nathan.sinnott

Carousel also featuring photos by Jake Percey @jakepercey

Your dance music is so fun to listen to and always gives a fresh take on the latest hits!! What’s your favorite remix that you’ve created so far?

Oh thank you! So besides being an artist, I have my own music company that specialises in music for Dance (choreography). Honestly I’ve done so many mixes I can’t pick a fav, but my recent Billie Eilish mix has gone really well. You can hear it on @aaronleeworldwide

How did you get started remixing music specifically for dancers and dance studios?

“I was recommended as a music producer some years ago to an Australian dance company that was doing their first tour. I got to grow with them and the demand spread from there. I fell into that, very grateful I did. It’s such a fun community to be part of.”

Photo by Alii May @aliimayphotography

You’re about to launch a podcast I’ve heard! What’s your podcast all about and what inspired you to start one?

“I am! It’s called The Human Things Podcast with AIRPORTS. I wanted to take listeners on the journey with me – not just through my music career but I wanted a platform to talk through some of my life experiences such as having two life threatening illnesses, my journey through mental health, self development and [my] spiritual journey – including leaving an ‘unclassified cult’ – haha!
I’m not into solo vlogs so I got one of my best mates, Bryce, to co-host it with me.

The first season drops soon on most streaming platforms such as Spotify. Episodes will be fortnightly to start with.”

Follow @airportsmusic on Instagram for updates on when his podcast episodes will be up!

You’ve overcome many things including rare diseases.. What was one thing that kept you going and kept you faithful to your beliefs and your worth during that difficult time?

“The fact that I knew I was made to do more. Having a purpose.”

sydventure 50 1
Photo by Trystin Sinnott @trystinsinnott

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve manifested into your life so far? 

“There are a few… overcoming some life threatening illnesses – being able to function and do what I love.
Entertain my entrepreneurial side an create a company – the music for dance [that I] previously mentioned – that allows me the freedom to invest into my #1 goal – AIRPORTS.
Freedom from anxiety and trauma through attracting the right people with the right forms of self development & treatment.
And my wonderful girlfriend!”

Do you have a manifestation technique or ritual that you do specifically when you want to call something new into your reality?

“It’s really simple.. I obsess over it in an excited way, I know and believe a way will reveal itself, and I take action to get there. It always works, sometimes quicker, sometimes longer than we expect.”

Photo by Sean Higgins @shotography

Let’s get a little vulnerable here… what’s one limiting belief that you have about success that you’ve either overcome already, or are working to overcome?

“That I am not succeeding quick enough and missing opportunities or being overlooked. But I am learning to accept what’s given to me and operate from peace and clarity as opposed to desperation. Desperation always leads to wrong decisions.”

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

“I can’t swim but have grown up and still live right next to the beach! Haha”

Photo by Sean Higgins @shotography

What’s the best advice you have right now for someone who wants to do music for a living, or even just their passion for a living, but doesn’t know how to start?

“If it’s what’s going to ultimately make you happy – do it and don’t listen to the naysayers. Work overtime to learn anything that makes you excited, reach out to people and learn from them and collaborate.

Put yourself around the right circle of people who will help you grow in the direction you want. And again, only do what makes you HAPPY.”

Who do you want to be remembered as?

“That I helped many people and gave them awesome music.”

Follow AIRPORT’s journey on Instagram: @airportsmusic

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Britt is a Walking Ray of Sunshine, Spreading Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance



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In her first interview with Manifest Easy, walking ray of sunshine Britt talks about all things body positivity and trusting in God!

Britt’s Age: 22

Her Current location: United Kingdom

Britt’s Profession: Legal Assistant

Instagram Username: @Itsbritsway and @notbeingeve

What’s your dream in life? Tell us alllll about it!

“To help people find peace in who they are in a world that is constantly telling you, ‘you are not enough’.” 

Who or what makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, even your wildest dreams? 

“God, I am very faith based and draw a lot of courage from it, I believe I can do anything because God told me I could.”

What was the biggest lesson for you in your life so far? How did this lesson shape you into the amazing person that you are today?

“Realising I am worthy and enough right now, without losing weight, without earning more money, just me here and now as I am.”

If you were to pinpoint one trait or thing about yourself and amplify x1000 it to be your superhuman power, what would it be and why? 

“Being a blessing to others, I think you reap so much back when you help others – more than you ever thought possible – being good to people and treating them with respect is everything and to be honest… what goes around comes around!”

Let’s say, your own personal magical fairy godmother has just appeared in front of you. You have an infinite amount of wishes to create the life of your dreams. What does the life you create look like? 

“Quite, peaceful, filled with true friends and simplicity pleasure in life – like picnics, bowling, silly stuff really. Just a wholesome humble lifestyle where we were all truly happy outside society’s standards of success – oh and 5 children, to be married to my boyfriend, and a beautiful house we could host parties in – although it doesn’t have to be fancy.”

 What’s something you’ve felt or feel proud of recently?

“Myself – I often don’t take much time to pause and look back on what I have accomplished, how far I’ve come, I always have goals in my head and I keep pushing forward, but it’s also good to be mindful and present in what is now.”

What is your favorite way to spend time with the people you love?

“Sat down with Chinese [food], all the shnacky snacks and a good movie (if it’s scary) I need to be sat in the middle with everyone bunched around me and even then, I can’t promise I won’t scare you by screaming!!”

What is your “happy place”?

“My happy place is outside on my balcony, in a comfy bean bag with a peppermint tea, some chocolate, cozy blanket and either my Mrs. Hinch book or the Bible.”

What’s your favorite book that you’ve read or are reading? 

 “Body positivity by Megan Crabbe aka @Bodyposipanda

What’s a cause that is important to you? 

“Body acceptance and self love.”

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve manifested into your life so far?

“I lost my position at a firm I was working at a couple of years ago, it felt like my world came crashing down… I had no clue what to do and genuinely never felt so depressed.

I was praying for another job and that it would come along soon – I went to 3 interviews with no luck and honestly felt like giving up. Another interview opportunity came along but it was a long commute and I nearly didn’t go to it…

It turns out that I got that same job, it was a top law firm and one [of the] people dreamed of working for, better than any of the others I had applied to.

Eventually we moved closer to the position and my partner also achieved a job at the firm too, it’s meant that we now circulate in a higher level of law firms with better opportunities… It’s funny because what I saw as my worst time ever, God made good and gave me the boost in life I needed. The power of prayer is huge and if you just believe and wait patiently, comes true!”

What makes you smile the most? 

“Nature, I feel so calm and peaceful and it makes me feel whole and complete.”

What’s something that you love about yourself? 

“That I don’t take myself too seriously.”

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you? 

“I was a championship dancer, up to the age of 18!”

How would you define yourself using only three words?

“Open, loving, sassy.”

What’s inspiring you in your life currently?

“The word of God – I’ve been reading the Bible a lot in these times and just finding so many answers and so much gold, it inspired me to set up a second Instagram page, @NotBeingEve, all about the struggles and taboo subjects of a modern day Christian woman, new to her faith.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever recieved? 

“When you fall down, get back up again.”

Follow Britt’s journey on Instagram: @Itsbritsway and @notbeingeve

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