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What Is Manifestation?

Far too many people completely misunderstand what manifestation really is. We’re going to set the record straight right now for you.


The definition of manifestation in the terms we’re discussing today is; 

man·i·fes·ta·tion | \ ˌma-nə-fə-ˈstā-shən (noun): The phenomenon that occurs when something that was once a part of your imagination becomes actualized into your physical reality.


So now that you understand the definition of manifestation, let’s talk about when it occurs.


The Law of Attraction – one of the 12 Universal Laws – states; That which is like unto itself, is drawn.


Meaning, we are always attracting what is equal to our state of being. 

You see, we are vibrational beings…


And everything you see around you holds a certain and specific vibration.


It is scientifically proven that human beings hold a very high electromagnetic charge, meaning we naturally vibrate at a higher frequency. 


And if you remember, in your science class from grade school, we were taught how everything is made up of atoms – which move at different rates – creating the specific vibrational frequency that each physical thing holds. 


Why is this information I’ve just given you about vibration, so  important in understanding what manifestation is, and how to manifest the life you truly desire?




You are constantly manifesting.




Yes. You are constantly manifesting. 


Because the law of attraction states “that which is like unto itself, is drawn” – 


This means, we are constantly attracting whatever vibrational frequency we are outputting.


So now… How do we know what vibrational frequency we’re outputting into the universe?


We know by our state of being.


We know by how we feel.


We know by the emotions we are feeling and our thoughts that come with those emotions. 


We’re constantly manifesting, in every single moment, due to the law of attraction.


In every waking moment we always being, always feeling, and always thinking.


With all of this information combined, you now have the full truth of what manifestation truly is.


It isn’t a “wish” or “request” you put into the universe, or write down, or pray for….


It is a state of being, from which you may allow what you truly want to come into your life.


…… OR what you don’t want at all to come into your life, or even stay in your life. 


Because we’re always manifesting, it is crucial to always be mindful of our state of being – Otherwise, we’re likely repeating learned patterns, and manifesting things we don’t want to experience into our lives.


This definition may have been way longer than you expected it to be, but this is the entire truth of what manifestation is, and what it means to manifest your desires.


Every single person who desires to live the life of their dreams needs to know this information. 


Every single person who has ever had a dream bigger than their current reality needs to know the entire truth.


I am SICK and TIRED of these “spiritual influencers” only scratching the surface with their talks and courses and classes on manifestation. 


They are leaving many things out. It is not fair to you, nor to The Universe as a whole…


You see The Universe wants us to manifest the life we desire.


It wants us to break our thought patterns, expand our way of being, and experience life fully. 


And frankly… anything less is DISRESPECTFUL…

…to The Universe and to yourself. 


You came here to be great. 


You came here to experience life fully and see all of the colors and places of this world.


You came here to connect with amazing people and to uplift the planet while doing it. 


You came here to manifest your dreams. 


And you have every capability of doing so….

But only if you know the whole truth.